I’m heading up to the Commonwealth Games with Virgin Media

This Sunday will see me board a train out of Euston ‘ere dawn has cracked to head off to Glasgow for a day of track fun at the Commonwealth Games. I must admit it has been a struggle these past few days since the World Cup finished as there has only been a finite amount of sport to go round and lets face it cricket doesn’t really cut the mustard because they’re always stopping to eat- lunch, tea, what next? Tiffen and supper I suppose. Anyway since the Empire Games went out of favour, what with the end to Empire and all that, we’ve clocked up 19 Commonwealth Games, with the twentieth to kick off on Wednesday in Glasgow. Just as well that’s where I’ve got my train ticket to really, I’d feel a bit of plum turning up to entirely the wrong city, even if an overnight hotel stay would ensure a gentle nights rest away from my three sleepless adorable children.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Commonwealth Games as they include some sports that the Olympics might turn their nose up at but are great fun to watch, such as lawn bowls and netball. When I was growing up we used to live opposite the England under 18 Netball Captain but that’s an entirely different story and not one I had better go into too much detail over now I think about it.

I’ll be at Hampden Park Stadium on Sunday afternoon watching all the early heats of the 100m, which is going to be dead exciting. Hopefully I’ll get to see Mr Bolt strolling the last ten metres utterly in control of his heat- the man is absolutely a joy to watch. Of course he had better hope I’ve not out done him on Virgin Medias Race Bolt experience beforehand, since that may well put him off his stride, not to say his chicken nuggets…