My #excitingdrive courtesy of Shell V Power Nitro+

This year, Shell V-Power Nitro+ is on a mission to refuel Britain’s excitement for driving. With summer just around the corner, they are encouraging people to get back in their cars and drive for fun.

To highlight how enjoyable driving can be, Shell has created a series of four different short films featuring their brand ambassador Jake Humphrey and car-loving celebrities, including travel writer and comedian Dom Joly.

I was asked by Shell to  chose my own #ExcitingDrive, fill up with some complementary Shell V Power Nitro+, and video the results. I chose the North Norfolk coastal road because it’s ace. The road is fairly wide (mostly, if you ignore Skiffkey and all the motorists who think their cars is twice as wide as a bus) but it is really windy with plenty of tight corners, dips and long straights for overtaking.

When I first travelled the road many years ago I used to own a bright yellow Seat Ibiza Sport. It was more of a warm hatch than hot if I’m really honest but it made the road even more fun and cemented it in my mind as my favourite. I do like driving in the Yorkshire Dales but the verges are a lot steeper and if some berk in a Disco comes towards you with the white line bisecting his car, you’re likely to damage your tires or lose a wing mirror. You don’t get that in Norfolk!