Nothing but blue sky

And a light dusting of fluffy cloud of course. Mind you, as the weekend is approaching and apparently the weather is going to turn. Typical. Still, it does reduce my potential for getting horrificially sunburnt, which happened on our recent camping trip and more importantly it means I don’t have to grease the kids up with factor 50. I hate applying suntan lotion, always have done. When we were little in the late 70’s there was none of this factor 30 and 50 stuff that’s like a thick paste. Back then it was a factor 2 bronzing lotion or if you were particularly ginger, maybe even a factor 8. I don’t remember seeing many people walking around as though they’d been napalmed back then either.

Of course it could be my generation is a ticking time bomb of skin cancer, which is a cheery proposition but at least we all got plenty of vitamin D when growing up. Fifi has very sensitive skin and normal lotions bring her out in hives so we’ve had to get this special stuff that effectively makes her look like a ghost it’s that white. So white in fact, we went back and purchased the tinted stuff to make her less night of the living dead, although to be honest a good brush of her hair helped dramatically in that regard too.

So yes, it’s going to rain this weekend. And it’s not even Glasto. Who’d have thought it?!