Ratty, irritable, and more than a little bit full of “I’ve had enough”

It’s been a busy weekend and ultimately pretty entertaining for all sorts of reasons but by heck I’ve been pushed and for the minute I’ve more than had enough. It began yesterday when I was woken up at ten to six from a particularly pleasant dream and then continued when we were in the haberdashery department of Liberty and I was attempting to keep the boy and Fifi from under wifey’s feet as she looked at the wool on offer. It was incredibly frustrating. I cannot in fact communicate how difficult it was to keep a 5 year old and a 7 year old from clingy to wifey or generally getting under everybody elses feet for about 15 minutes. It was astonishing. There were like a pair of lemmings, drawn towards whatever position could be the most awkward and irritating to the most people. Those 15 minutes aged me terribly. They weren’t even being particularly naughty, just unintentionally irritating.

It continued come “bed time”. It was a long drawn out process getting the three of them to bed and sure enough come the point where I finally tucked them in, it was gone 8 o’clock. Ned can now open the stair gate and came downstairs about 10 times before I finally shut him in his room. The tantrum he threw- kicking and punching the door and shouting let me out- was only punctuated by the incessant interruptions from the boy and Fifi who drew a rota up to come down and harass me. By ten o’clock it had reached the ridiculous with the boy complaining that his eyes were sore. THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN UP FOREVER AND YOUR EYES ARE TIRED YOU LITTLE SOD was what I was thinking and actually said, without the last 3 words, however much I was tempted to include them.
It’s now Sunday evening and ten past 8 and I am still not child free. I’ve had my first visit for the evening from the boy and now I’m waiting for the Fifi I’ve-come-down-because-I-don’t-want-to-be-left-out visit. 
I need to dig out my excessively large headphones and listen to some very loud music.