Ned isn’t that little any more

A long weekend away at the Nozstock music festival* has shown me many things about my family and myself, including that a Bog in a Bag is the most important festival purchase you can ever make, but the thing that’s sitting foremost in my mind is Ned is growing up fast.

That makes sense, since when we went last year he was one and a half and now he’s two and a half:

Ned, July 2013 vintage
Ned, Aug 2014 

It’s not the physical development that’s been the biggie for me though, it’s the way he’s growing up and his little phrases and idioms. For example, on our trip back from the festival, it was getting late so we decided to swing by the Golden Arches for fish finger happy meals. When we told Ned, he said, “I such a lucky boy mummy and daddy.” Talk about cute.

Like his sister, Ned was an early walker, so he was trundling around on foot at Nozstock last year and even doing a little bit of dancing. This year he was in his element, demanding his ear defenders as soon as he could hear a tune and jigging around like an uncoordinated loony. He has an incredibly expressive face and set postures and expressions for any given situation. Resentment is expressed with tightly crossed arms, a frown and a proclamation of “You are Mr/Mrs Smellypants!“, happiness is a huge grin and a little dance, and well you get the idea.

This summer is definitely the summer of Ned. This time next year, he’ll have started going to playgroup and will be an entirely different little boy. We’re treasuring him at the moment.

*stay tuned for the video and write up