A man of modest means

With the MAD blog awards fast approaching, and with me fortunate enough to be a finalist for the second year on the trot (the fourth time I’ve been short-listed at a major blogging award and no doubt the fourth time I’ll come away with nothing but fond memories and a proto-hangover in waiting, since lets face it, there are much more deserving people than me with more to offer the wider community), I’ve seen plenty of posts about dresses, hair, shoes and the like.

Unfortunately the rush of companies to clothe dads (the D in MADs) doesn’t appear to have been as fulsome as that for the ladies*, and so I shall be dressing myself. I won’t be popping out to spend money on an outfit, as I know a lot of the attendees have done, as there are things we’re better off spending the money on as a family (and for the same reason I won’t be staying over at the venue or a local budget hotel either). I have however allowed myself a small spend on a luxury for the evening:

So even though my black jeans might not hold up to close inspection (I do promise to iron them though), and my shirt might not be wing tipped with a dickie-bow attached, you can absolutely guarantee that my moustache will be waxed into a form of near perfection.

You have been warned, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

*someone very kindly passed me the contact details of a large dept chain that was apparently looking for me to dress late last week but the opportunity to contact them in a timely fashion was beyond me.