Review: LEGO City Airport Fire Truck set 60061

With all the licensed sets that LEGO sell now days, it’s easy to forget that there are some brilliant sets in the LEGO City range, and with this in mind we were delighted when LEGO sent us LEGO City Airport Fire Truck (set 60061) for review purposes. We already have a LEGO City fire truck but this one is a much larger affair, designed to complement the airport (if you already have that set- it seems to have been discontinued at the moment). Set 60061 has an RRP of £24.99 but if you shop around you can pick it up for around the twenty pound mark.

You get a lot of LEGO for your money with this set- one of the things I like about the City range is the relatively small number of large custom bricks that are used. This means there is a proper amount of building, as evinced by the two enclosed instruction manuals.

The age range is 5-12, but to be honest if you’re in charge of a child at the lower end, the chances are you will have to give them quite a bit of help. Our resident LEGO construction expert, the boy, is seven and set about the building process with gusto. The whole build took him almost an hour and he only had to ask for advice twice, once around the wheel arch construction and again with the stickers.

The Airport Fire Truck is a big old beast, and offers a lot in terms of build time and size for the price, and consequently is a good purchase regardless of whether you have an airport or not.