Dressing up: one thing that has definitely improved since I was a kid

I’ve complained recently about how crap some of the Christmas present type toys are. You know, the ones that are just designed for Christmas Day and will spend the rest of eternity in a cupboard until you drop them off at the charity shop in April early January. Yes, the perennial favourites like Playmobil and LEGO are there so it is possible to buy stuff with longevity but the one area that does seem to have improved markedly since I was a nipper is dressing up stuff.

You can still get the thin hard plastic masks with a bit of elastic stapled to them (designed to ping off at a moments notice AND scratch your face too) but you can also get a good range of superhero stuff- like the Batman mask the boy is modelling in John Lewis, Iron Man stuff, Spider-Man and, Ned’s birthday present sorted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles costume even comes with a hard shell in a sort of rucksack harness, which I think is brilliant.

I’ve been tempted with the Batman and Captain America masks myself. Although the say for 3+, they do fit me…