Resolute in my dotage

I’m not the sort of person to set new years resolutions because if I’ve not had the sticking power to do things generally, I’m only going to set myself up for a fall if I make a big thing about attempting to do them in a sort of “new year, new me” kind of way.

However, I have recently turned 40 and had to endure a lot of comments about being a “proper grown up now“, and I don’t think that’s fair. In many ways we’re all still that little 7 or 8 year old in terms of our worries and neurosis but where we lack is in the ability to enjoy ourselves unselfconsciously like we used to when we were kids.It’s the worst of both worlds if we’re not careful.

When was the last time do did something that really made you laugh, without the aid of alcohol?

This needs to change and I feel the need to start drafting a manifesto…

Having said that, I had to be the grown up when Ned got the right strop on my birthday for no other reason that it was my birthday and not his. He felt this was very unfair, and particularly resented the fact he couldn’t open all my cards. Ned ended up giving wifey a whack and stomping out in those unrestrained tears that only someone who has just turned 3 can manage. Poor lad!