Review: Kärcher Wheel Wash Brush & Karcher Foam Jet Nozzle

Back in May I reviewed the Karcher K4 compact pressure washer and we found it pretty good at cleaning plastic kids furniture and the patio. For the last few weeks we’ve been waiting for that rare winter event: a dry day with temperatures above freezing- to test out a couple of car cleaning accessories. Karcher are good at giving their accessories very descriptive names, so there are no prizes for guessing what the Foam Jet Nozzle or the Wheel Wash Brush actually do.

Rather than go into a flurry of words, I’ll let you watch a brief video I’ve made of the Foam Jet Nozzle in action:

It does a good job of soaping the car as you can see. We used Turtle Wax car shampoo and it seemed to get the worst of the grim off the car. The wheel wash brush does exactly what it says on the tin; it was really good at cleaning the alloys on my Ford Focus. Unlike a lot of the brushes you can get as hose attachments, the bristles pretty much go around all 360 degrees, making it much easier to clean in the gaps between the spokes.

I don’t have video of the brush in use because scrubbing my alloys spotless while I video it is beyond the call out duty for wifey.

Both these accessories retail for £24.99 and can be found for less on popular online retailers if you hunt around. The Foam Jet Nozzle is particularly useful for car cleaning as it saves you all the effort of having to soap your car before firing the pressure washer up to clean it off.