Review: Karcher Window Vac Extension Pole

You might have seen my review of the Karcher Window Vac back in June. Suffice to say, if you only buy one device for vacuuming moisture off your windows, it should be the Karcher Window Vac. The extension pole is an extension (ho ho) to this concept. It basically allows you do do your upstair windows without having to get a set of long ladders. Even if you live in a bungalow, it’s useful for conservatories or Velux style windows.

The name, Karcher Window Vac Extension Pole, is a little bit of a misnomer though. For starters you actually get two poles, one for affixing the window vac to, and the other to attach the flannel headed mop thing that lurks at the bottom of the box to. With the latter you dip it in the soapy water and soap the windows, the former lets you vacuum the water off, leaving the surface smear free.

The Window Vac clips in very securely to the fitting on the end of the pole, so there’s precious little risk of your £80 Window Vac falling out.

When the telescopic pole is fully extended it’s around two metres long (I say around since the Window Vac adds an extra few cm’s to the length). This means you can clean the outside windows, first with the cloth pole, and then vacuum the moisture off with the Window Vac on an extension pole). Obviously when you’re waving a pole around with something fairly heavy attached to the end, it’s a little unwieldy but even when I was cleaning the outside of the bathroom window, I never felt it wasn’t under control. I would have needed a chair or a small stepladder if I’d been any shorter mind you. That’s still a lot easier than getting out a set of long ladders, presuming you actually have them in the first place. I do but I’m not brilliant with heights anyway.

The Window Vac is on special offer at a few places at the moment for under £50, and the pole extension kit has an RRP of £29.99. Together they make a pretty good investment for cleaning your own windows, a good investment that becomes more compelling if you have a conservatory that needs regular cleaning.

Retailing at £19.99, you can also pick up the Window Vac Holster, which saves putting the window vac down when you’re soaping your windows.

It’s a handy accessory in that if I put anything down, screwdriver upwards in terms of size, I’ll never find it again but not essential.