The Parable of the Lost Giraffe

wpid-wp-1426953724984.jpegWe had an early morning trip to Church last week for the Christening of our little nephew. It was a lovely service, even though an particularly wrinkly old lady installed herself on the pew directly behind us with the express intention of tutting as the kids fidgeted.

Still, the Church wardens gave out some exercise books, pens and pencils to the kids and Fifi listened attentively to the sermon before coming up with the illustration to the left.

I have to admit, although I only paid passing note to the sermon, I’m fairly sure it didn’t involve Jesus, his best friend, a donkey and a giraffe. Apparently the giraffe is lost but Jesus and his best friend hopped on a donkey to go and find the missing even-toed ungulate.


I think I prefer Fifi’s interpretation because the official sermon involved Mother Theresa, Marge Simpson and the virgin Mary. It was very worthy but not as interesting as something with actual giraffes in it…