Father’s Day Crafts Your Kids (And Dads!) Will Love

Father’s Day is fast approaching, as is that difficult decision of what to buy Dad. He is probably a bit fed up of receiving novelty socks and ties every year, but we all know how hard men are to buy for! However, your dad is special and this is an opportunity to show him how much you care. Why not surprise him this year with a unique and thoughtful handmade present, which he can treasure for years to come? A present the kids will enjoy making as much as dad will enjoy receiving.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no excuse for not having the materials – around the UK there are plenty of craft stores with everything you need to get started.

Handmade Card

More often than not cards are expensive and generic, so opt for both the cheaper and more thoughtful option and make your own! Not only will this mean so much more to dad it can be designed however you wish. Choose the image – whether this is a drawing or photos – and then why not add on embellishments to turn it into a 3D card? Include your own message, taking this opportunity to let dad know how much you love him. A short and simple message or a personal poem works well.


The kids will love getting messy in the kitchen, whilst they learn to create a beautiful tasty cake that all the family can enjoy! Pick dad’s favourite sweet treat, whether that is a simple cupcake or something a bit more adventurous. Perhaps theme it around his favourite hobby or simply tell him in icing that he is “The Best Dad”! Finish it off by decorating with a tasty topping to create the cake of his dreams – perfect for a dad with a sweet tooth.

Thoughtful Present

However easy or complex the present is that the kids create and however much or little input you decide to have, it is the thought that counts. Your present can also be thoughtful! This could be a handmade frame to place a photo of dad and the kids or a painting of the family. A medal or crown to make daddy king for the day so he feels extra special, or a gift emblazoned with a personal message just for dad.


Useful Present

Kids will love cutting, gluing and sticking to create the perfect present, but why not use this time to create something that dad can also use on a daily basis? This might be a key ring so that he never loses his keys around the house again or a desk organiser that he can use at work. It will also be a great talking point in the office and opportunity to show off his wonderful kids.

Wrapping paper

You have created an original present for dad, so why not present it in your own unique packaging as well? Sit the kids down with a large piece of paper and let them draw, paint or colour as they wish. Not only will it keep them busy and quiet for a few hours so you can get on with your chores, the wrapping will be as thoughtful and personal as the present.