Fun at the Chiltern Open Air Museum

The Chiltern Open Air Museum is a bit of a guilty pleasure for us. It’s a huge site, with plenty of contours if you make it all the way down to the iron age roundhouse. And you should, the roundhouse is built exactly as it would have been by our iron age ancestors. It’s a fab construction on a site full of fab old fashioned buildings.

We went there a few days ago for a special evening event. Fifi got to see a bona fide unicorn (and nobody is going to tell her otherwise!). There were plenty of activities on that evening but the one that the kids decided to do was candle making. Since the candle making shed was a bit cramped, I decided to play around with the new Hyperlapse app from Microsoft. It was interesting, so I persisted after the kids had finished and came up with this:

It’s an app that does clever things whilst making a time lapse video. The biggy is the image stabilisation dontcha know.

I managed to video some of the less interesting parts of the site (typically) but it gives you a quick flavour of the site.