Swimming is over for the term

Sunday saw the kids last swimming lesson until September which is odd as September seems so far away it’s not even on the radar. The kids have all come on massively in their swimming this academic year: the boy is putting his considerable strength to good use in the pool, Fifi is getting the technique of butterfly down to a tee and Ned is just a mini super hero.


Post swimming teddy bear cuddles

At the start of the year, Ned would make a fuss if his hair got wet but now, he insists on climbing out of the pool (on his own) and jumping in half a dozen times before the lesson has even started. If there is one thing Ned could improve on, it’s paying attention to his teacher. If there are two things that Ned could improve on, the second one would be moving his arms and legs at the same time. Still, at his age the most important thing is to ensure that he’s comfortable in the water and he definitely is at that. It bodes well for our summer holidays as there’s a pool at one of the places we’re staying!