BRITA back to school hydration challenge

We have a lot of trouble getting our kids, especially our eldest, to drink enough water at the best of times. We even have a separate jug in the fridge for the boy that he absolutely has to drink the contents of every single day.

wpid-wp-1442339105493.jpgNow that school is back, getting the kids to drink enough throughout the day is an even bigger challenge. I don’t know what your kids school is like but our school basically make it hard for your kids to have a drink if they don’t have their own water bottle. Even with their own water bottle, letting them know the right amount to drink is tricky. Enter Brita, with the cunning sticker pack for their Fill & Go water bottle.

It basically splits the school day into four- pre break, break to lunch, early afternoon and post afternoon break, giving your kid a target to drink in each part of the day.

Hydration after all does actually help with concentration, so we’re going to spend the next week seeing how it goes.

Wish us luck!