Camera obscured

Over the years we have built up a large collection of cameras in our house. Since we went digital over ten years ago (with a 2MP Fuji of all things!), we’ve had a variety of DSLRs, compacts and action cameras but now, given the rapid increase in the quality of smartphone cameras, we do a lot of our photography on those. They’re great for catching moments but if you send your pictures off somewhere like Photobox for printing on show them on a big screen, the quality is often shown to be a bit lacking. My ten year old DSLR might only be a 5MP camera but the size of the sensor and the aperture and the quality of the lenses make it as good in a lot of situations.

So given my ancient DSLR, with it’s 5MP sensor, still gives images on par with smartphones, imagine what something like the  Nikon D7100 with it’s 24.1MP sensor and all the clever internal gubbins, could come out with. Because lets face it, technology doesn’t hang around- try and figure out what sort of smarphone you were using ten years ago eh?

The flexibility with something like the D7100 is the fact you can add additional Nikon lenses to your set up. I’ve always personally found a zoom lets you get close up pictures of your kids without them knowing you’re photographing them.