Next stop: the dining room

wpid-wp-1442347458206.jpgIn our continuing quest to sort out the house (we’ve been living here for ten years now, which is scary), we’ve moved on from sorting out the play room, the sitting room, the library and now we’re on to the dining room. There’s less in here to sort out so it’s a case of trying to see if we can switch out some of the flat pack for more modern furniture.

We’ve already removed part of the skirting board to shoehorn a couple of low level bookcases into the room but now we’re looking at the seating. We’ve recently replaced the kids chairs with a bench. This means they can all sit on one side of the table without the risk of fingers getting crushed and that I no longer have to sit on the end, legs akimbo, in virtual seclusion.

Of course putting the kids on the bench is only the first step. An ideal second step would be to then move that bench out to the garden and leave the little darlings to it but short of that, we’ve got to look for some more modern dining chairs to jazz it up a bit. A while back wifey recovered our dining chairs in oilcloth to stop the kids wrecking them any more than they have but they’re past their best to be honest, so it’s time to look for something new.