Sofa conundrum

wpid-wp-1440007477139.jpgtwo sofas are now 8 years old- we got them when the boy just started crawling. He kept on sliding off the leather sofa onto the parquet flooring, and this, coupled with the fact it was a corner sofa that didn’t really work in our sitting room (it was L shaped but didn’t fit that way round).

Now 8 years on, we’ve been looking at potentially replacing the covers as they’ve been thoroughly “children’ed” over the last 8 years. We’ve managed to shift most of the stains but often that’s meant lightening the original colour, so they’re looking a bit tatty. We thought the obvious solution was to simply replace the covers but the replacements start at £800 and go up to well over twice that. Given that I’ve moulded a cushion to the exact size of my bottom on top of the covers, it might be better to simply get a new set of sofas. I’ve been eyeing up the Ercol’s at Oldrids.

Now the kids are older, we’re looking to make our living room more adult and given that now (shock horror!) we’re both in our 40’s, we looking at the more established (and dare I say it traditional) brands like Ercol and G-Plan because we want to have something classically simple but not full of build it yourself tat.