Spicers of Hythe Christmas Hampers

hamper1During the middle of our summer holidays I had a mysterious email from Spicers of Hythe asking for my address for a nice surprise. A surprise (not the surprise) was they had emailed wifey too. You can read about her surprise here.

It may have taken me 6 weeks longer than my wonderful wife to review the Christmas hamper that Spicers kindly sent me, but it has been a fortuitous delay, not least of all because the weather has turned decidedly wintery but, hurrah, the Spicers Christmas hampers are now availble for pre-order! There is also a 20% discount on the Spicers website to help make Christmas less stressful.

I’ll admit now my experiences to date with hampers haven’t been entirely positive to this point; when I’ve been hampered by other people, there’s invariably something in their that’s just a bit silly and seems to be to be there just to take up space. You know, a bottle of olive oil, some rank sort of chutney or the dreaded shortbread biscuits.

Whilst there is a definite sense of the posh in then hamper, I’m pleased to say we have now pretty much scoffed the entire thing- from the Yorkshire Crisps, to the Doormen Chocolate raisins, through to the apricot chutney that goes nicely with a wedge of cheddar. It is evident that they’ve put a lot of thought into sourcing the constituent parts of their hampers, which in my book makes them an ideal Christmas pressie.