The wheel turns

I’ve read Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson’s Wheel of Time fantasy sequence on average three times. The last couple of books I’ve read once, the earlier ones maybe 4 or more times (sometimes you need to do a complete re-read to catch up with what’s happened), so the concept of a wheel turning and things repeating themselves has some resonance with me outside of Eastern mythology.

It’s that time of year when things seem to reset: the long waited for summer holiday has finished and another school year has started. It’s nose to the grindstone for the kids and for us. This one seems worse than some; I had an unusually stressful workload this summer, with one or two jobs that proved nearly impossible to close out, the summer was a wash out weather wise- two weeks away and it pissed it down far more often than not. It was coats and wellies weather rather than suntan lotion and the beach, and that’s continued into the Autumn. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not a family that like to sit down soaking the rays up but a bit of sunshine doesn’t have improve your wellbeing. We effectively lost a week of the summer holidays due to an unfortunate incident with cat poo that still hasn’t been resolved properly and on top of it all mum got diagnosed with bone cancer.

I’m trying to be positive but at the moment it’s a grind and I feel sort of powerless to change it. Still, there are some positives, the boy seems to have cottoned on to the fact that reading is fun, and his interest in it is pulling his sister along. Work is gradually quieting down a little but all the things that were put to the side for more important things are building up…