There are a lot of ways how to save money. Some of them are big and takes a lot of your effort, but some are pretty small, not so hard to do, but also work perfectly well. If you one of those people who wish to use the second type of money saving, you are lucky! In this article, I am going to share some coolest money saving ways ever. It will definitely let you relax a little bit more and still enjoy bigger saving! 


Couponing, if done right, is not that hard and it always cool to use it. Especially because you can save money on absolutely everything there is on sale! From clothing and groceries to tickets or furniture and more, coupons are always there and always easy to use. For the start, check these cool Kohl’s coupons at ChameleonJohn’s website I just found. It will let you shop at this department store a lot cheaper and without any additional effort. That is all we were looking for in the first place, right?


At various thrift stores, you can find some really unique pieces not only to complement yourself but your home as well. And it is always fun to dig and find something pretty amazing that cost so silly small! Thrifting works for absolutely everything you wish to buy too (well, except but groceries). And so you can do that in the level of your choice. By that, I mean either shopping every time you need something or just while looking for bigger purchases, like furniture. It is super fun, super cool and definitely super cheap.

Don’t use shopping cart

It might sound silly, but it really works while shopping! By skipping shopping carts at the store, you will be forced to carry every item you wish to buy. And that means better product selection and instantly much smaller spending. That is the perfect way to keep yourself away from unplanned purchases then you visit a store to buy just a few items.

Carry cash

Also, if you want to be a cool and frugal shopper, forget about credit or debit cards. Be a little hipster and carry good old cash with you. This way you definitely won’t spend over your budget, since you literally won’t be able to get additional money from somewhere. Bringing cash also works on many levels: by shopping daily for groceries, or by purchasing big. You carry only that amount of dollars you are really comfortable spending, and so – you will do everything to fit in there perfectly or even stay above the budget.

Grow food

You can also save tons of money, eat a lot healthier and look cooler if you start growing your own food! It can be everything you wish to have and are able to grow: vegetables, herbs or even fruits. It is not that hard to maintain a little garden, and it is always fun to grow something from the little seed. In fact, it might turn out to be quite a fun hobby, and maybe one day an even small business! 

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