How to win at Christmas Shopping this Black Friday



Nobody wants to spend the run-up to Christmas queueing in overcrowded shops, ordering products at a big premium online, or trying to get in touch with flustered staff to get hold of that limited release that has to be under the tree on Christmas morning.

Well, there just might be a remedy — people are starting to buy their Christmas gifts earlier than ever. It’s now becoming easier and easier to get all your shopping done from the comfort of your chair (or beanbag, if that’s your thing) and – get this – while saving money. It’s due to a little phenomenon called Black Friday. You may already have seen the clips of Americans trampling over one another to score massive discounts on the day. In short, Black Friday is the day when shops all over the country slash their prices and open their doors to sale-hungry punters.

This momentous day has slowly but surely crept it’s way into the UK over the last few years. And, it has so far been without the mania and occasional violence that our cousins across the Atlantic seem to enjoy. For brief windows of opportunity (some lasting only a few hours) there will be huge price drops that could effectively double your Christmas haul, without straining your wallet. The even newer kid on the block, Cyber Monday, extends the deals to online shopping too. This means that you can monitor any deals while sitting in your pyjamas and eating a bagel.

The best places to grab a bargain are usually technology or gaming stores as they usually offer the largest proportional discounts. Last year GAME was offering new deals every hour. But if you’re willing to search, you can find a lot of things at stupidly cheap prices. Department stores like Debenhams participate in the mayhem and are a good option if you’re looking to buy the majority of your presents under one roof. Asda also fully participates, and they even have their own hashtag. Although it may not be for the faint hearted, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be able to manage your entire Christmas shop on Black Friday alone.

As deals take to the floor, you’ll have a chance to snatch gifts for an absolute bargain, items are often offered at more than 50% off the original price. It’s a win/win situation.  The option to do your shopping at home or instore, far in advance, and on the cheap. No “temporarily out of stock” blinking back at you with only a few days before Christmas. Just make sure you keep an eye out and grab a deal while it’s going, as items are limited by stock and time.

On Friday 27 November, when Black Friday hits, you can get everything done before you’ve even started your advent calendar. It’s Christmas — you deserve to put your feet up with a mince pie and glass of sherry in hand.