10 Perfect Gifts For Young Mums

If your friend, sister or work colleague is a young mum she probably, more often than not, receives gifts that are more for her child than for herself. But, this year, make sure your present is extra special by remembering she is still a young woman and not just a mother.

Need a little inspiration? Here are 10 great gift ideas for her that she will be able to share with her son/daughter as they grow or enable her to take a well-deserved break from baby talk!

  1. Magazine Subscription

Picking up a magazine is probably the last thing on her mind, so why not get her a subscription to her favourite one? Rather than a one-off gift, this will land on her doorstep every month. So when she isn’t reading Peppa Pig, she can find out what is going on in the world of celebrities and fashion!

  1. Pamper Pack!

There are plenty of pamper sets to choose from, or you could make one up yourself. This could include her favourite bubble bath, candles, body lotions, chocolates and so on!

  1. Instax Camera

This young mum may be uploading photos of her son/daughter to Facebook, but does she have any printed copies? This cute camera is ideal for taking instant photos, so she can frame them, create a collage or just save them as keepsakes!

  1. Personalised Wine Glass and Bottle of her Favourite Wine

A personalised wine glass will show that you have put thought into the gift – present it to her with her favourite bottle of wine, to guarantee an even bigger smile. After nine months of not being able to drink a drop, she will be happy to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass after her child has gone to bed.

  1. Afternoon Tea

She may not be interested in partying in the way she was before she became a Mum, but she needs some time to herself to enjoy adult company. Why not organise a babysitter and take her for a sophisticated, themed afternoon tea, like this Champagne Chocoholics Afternoon Tea at The Hilton in London? Then she can have fun with her friends, without the hangover the next day, which she really won’t thank you for with a young child.

  1. Clothes Vouchers

This young mum has spent nine months in maternity clothes and after having a child may be feeling less confident about her body and unhappy with how her pre-baby clothes now look on her. On top of this, her son/daughter probably has a bigger wardrobe than she does – that is why clothes vouchers are the perfect gift. Take her to the shops for the day and help her choose some new outfits that make her feel comfortable and look great.

  1. A Stylish Bag

Your friend has had to ditch her beloved handbag in favour of a bag that will hold drinks bottles, spare clothes and snacks. But these bags can be just as stylish as a handbag with all the practicalities of a changing bag. Get her one you know she will love to have on her arm.

  1. ‘Dear Mum’ Journal of a Lifetime

This unique gift is ideal for a young mum to document all the wonderful memories and stories as her child is growing up. Questions will prompt her to describe the past, the present and the future.

  1. A Wall Print

A wall print is perfect to brighten up a young mum’s wall, perhaps a motivational quote, a bright image or a personalised one for her and her new family.

  1. Music Player

This turntable is the perfect addition to any room and ideal for young mums to chill out and listen to music other than nursery rhymes. Plus, the briefcase can be closed when not in use, to avoid sticky fingers all over it.