10 ways to save space in your home

Modern life means we always seem to accumulate so much ‘stuff.’ It’s sometimes hard to find a place for everything. Sorting out can often mean we just shift things from one box to another – so why not try these 10 tips to save space in your home?

1) Self-storage: A simple way of making lots of space quickly is to put items you’re not using into a self-storage unit. Self storage from Alligator provides an affordable solution to keep your items safe and secure while giving you access to them when needed. They can also provide boxes and packaging materials if needed.

2) Window seats: You can pick up ottoman style window seats that double as storage boxes. Many come with a padded lid to serve as a seat and fit neatly under window spaces. Alternatively, you can get window seats built in with drawer space below.

3) Wicker hampers and baskets: Use these for storing blankets, towels, laundry, magazines or newspapers. They can fit into small spaces but help to keep a room look tidy.

4) Shelves: Use shelving to arrange your books, CDs, DVDs and more. Shelving comes in all sorts or designs from staggered, floor to ceiling or block or box style. Be inventive, creative and make a statement at the same time. Have a look at pinterest.com for some tips.

5) Kitchen: The kitchen can easily get cluttered if things aren’t put away. Again, shelving is a good option for the kitchen. If you’re not using that sandwich toaster or ice cream maker, keep it in the cupboard so you’ve got more space to work and cook. Use spice racks to keep your ingredients organised. If you’re short of cupboard space, put up hooks for your pots and pans or use a floor standing pot and pan tiered rack. See ebay.co.uk for ideas. Utensils can also be hung from hooks on the walls or put in a pot and stored on the work surface.

6) Pegboards – If you find you’re constantly writing notes and then forgetting where you’ve put them or leaving them cluttering on a workspace, why not try a pegboard? This way, you can keep everything in one place. This also works well for keeping letters and memos together. Chalkboards are another good option for writing notes.

7) Wardrobe space – You may have lots of pairs of shoes gathering dust at the bottom of your wardrobe so why not hang a shoe holder up in the wardrobe to keep them organised? If you don’t have space for drawers in your bedroom these holders can also be used to store folded up tops, trousers and jumpers.

8) Windowsills – If you’re short of room in your house make use of empty spaces. Windowsills and mantelpieces are great places to display your framed photographs, vases of flowers and ornaments.

9) Wine racks – If there’s no cupboard space in your bathroom convert a wine rack into a towel holder. Neatly roll up your clean towels and pop them in the rack.

10) Have a clear-out – If you find you’re really just re-shuffling things that you don’t really need then be honest and get rid of what you don’t use. You can make extra pennies by having a garage sale, doing a car boot or selling your items. Charity shops are always happy to take in donations of your unwanted items.