Scooters weren’t cool when I was little, and I was so uncoordinated that my mum refused to let me use the skateboard I had bought at the St Augustine School summer fete in 1984, and I still hold the grudge to this day.

Scooters are ideal for those times when its a bit far for them to walk, not really suitable for the car but they are too old for pushchairs- all three of our kids have been scooting since they were little more than 2, and it’s a great form of exercise, especially towing them up hill!

When this great scooter tips and tricks guide from Halfords plopped into my inbox, it was timely, as the boy now has a trick scooter he was given, and is itching to try some more complicated stuff out but it’s knowing where to start (YouTube terrifies me, as it’s full of boys doing loop the loops on scooters, not really suitable for an 8 year old!) that’s been the problem

Also don’t forget to check out the safety tips, all our kids wear helmets with their scooters, and have done since they were shorter than the actual scooters. They will be wearing the relevant knee and elbow pads when trying these tricks out too.