Simple storage solutions for families

If you’re constantly tripping over kids’ toys and can’t remember the last time you saw the living room carpet or your bedroom floor, it might be time to reconsider your storage options. There are many wonderful storage solutions available these days for small and large families alike, so take a look at the following ideas.

Make the most of storage units

With one in five UK residents admitting to having enough clutter to fill an entire room, it’s clear we’re a nation of hoarders. But, if you’re tired of watching where you walk, or simply want to reclaim some space in the family home, why not check out companies like Ready Steady Store which provide safe, secure storage units of many sizes?

These can be hired on a short or long-term basis and are the ideal place to keep everything from musical instruments and sports equipment to furniture and office supplies. With many personal storage units dotted around the country you won’t have to travel far to retrieve your things and can even use the extra space to store stock (if you’re self-employed) or as additional business space as many entrepreneurs do.

Invest in vertical storage options

If floor space is limited, think about buying furniture which is tall and narrow rather than short and wide as this will provide you with plenty of room to put things without the furniture item itself getting in the way. Making the most of wall space is of paramount importance if you’ve a small bedroom or a pokey city flat and while you might have to reach a little higher to get what you want, at least everything will look neat and tidy.

If you don’t even have room for much furniture at all, shelving is another option to consider. A couple of shelves here and there are great for holding files, books, ornaments, trophies, photographs and other essentials that you don’t want to stash away in a cupboard, so it’s something worth considering.

Multi-purpose furniture

Why have a shoe rack when you can have a shoe rack with a secret opening at the top which holds everything from coats to wellies? Similarly, why buy a regular bed with no draws when you can buy one that has plenty of storage underneath which is perfectly capable of holding spare bedsheet and pillow covers? Many items of furniture are multipurpose these days, so if simple storage solutions are what you’re looking for keep an eye out for chairs with storage underneath, desks that lift up allow you to pop stationary inside, cabinets with secret compartments and multi-sized boxes which can store endless amount of stuff but can be towered on top of one another to save space.

Under stair storage

Under stair storage ideas are plentiful and even if you can’t afford to install a specially fitted storage unit there are things you can do to ensure all that awkward space is used such as putting up storage racks for sporting equipment and coats or building your own bookshelf to fit the space nicely. You could even pop a chaise longue in this space to turn it into a luxurious seating area, but make sure the chair has storage underneath as it will surely come in useful at some point.

Often, storage is all about being creative and making the most of dead space. Placing shelves behind doors and on the wall in front of the bath which is often left empty are simple ideas which can make a big difference to the order of your house, so try to be a little experimental.