This is what I’ve been driven to


Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to bits but when things are busy at work, I do need a little bit of downtime. When I get home from work, I often haven’t even shut the front door, let alone taken my coat of shoes off before I’m surrounded by kids all shouting at me, vying for my attention. it’s love ly in a way but also akin to some sort of third world street market, with kids traipsing around after you trying to sell you any old tat.

Like I said, normally I can cope and I think it’s slightly endearing but yesterday I’d had quite a full on day; dentists, external file reviews at work, and a busy afternoon. So, as I sat there at the dining room table eating my dinner, with a queue of children shouting at me, it was struggle to not do what any sensible dad would do in this situation, and go and hide in the toilet until things had blown over and the kids had lost interest. Instead, I manfully dadfully struggled onwards.

But yes, the consequences were dramatic, as I was tucking into the After Eight mints at 19:57, which was clearly a breach of etiquette!