Yes, it’s time for Daddacool style driving lessons for the kids…


If you think about it, waiting until your kids are 17 before teaching them to drive is a bit of a false economy. By that point driving lessons for young Ned here will be about £100 a pop, and it’ll take him forever to learn.

No, I’m much better popping him down in front of a Logitech G29, which is a force feedback steering wheel, with peddles (brake, accelerator and most importantly, a CLUTCH!), hooking the wheel up to my PS4 via USB, loading up the excellent Driveclub and teaching him to drive that way. Yes, by the age of four he will know the difference between understeer, oversteer and four wheel drift; he’ll be able to powerslide a BMW M5 with ease, and will hopefully have mastered left foot braking in a rally car, but more importantly, he’ll have had FUN and improved his hand to eye coordination a shed load.

Now the only problem I have is stopping the fights between the three kids who all want to play learn long enough to get a go myself.

(Proper review to follow at some point!)