Gosh we got wet at the zoo

Our house is in part a plague house at the moment- wifey has the flu (it’s so bad it might even be a strain of man flu) and the boy has a terrible cough. I decided to take Fifi and Ned out of the house to give them a run about and some fresh air yesterday as we’d all been cooped up for a couple of days.

We made use of our annual passes and drove up to Whipsnade Zoo. It wasn’t raining too much on the drive up there and we even managed to get to see the lynx, brown bears and penguins before the heavens really opened. Oddly enough, despite how overcast it was, the vast majority of people there didn’t seen to own a coat or an umbrella- most of the adults were in hoodies/ gillets and the kids likewise. We had coats on but the rain was such that we didn’t stay really dry so we decamped to the cafe for a hot drink and a bowl of chips.  Ned found his own way of drying out:

Drying out at the zoo!!

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Wish I was small enough to do that! When the rain left off a bit, we scampered over to the seals, the Discovery Centre and the Butterfly House. Ned’s love of huge big hairy spiders continues and I spent a large chunk of the time in the Discovery Centre perfecting not seeing what was directly in front of my eyes as Ned showed me every single big spider they have.

We avoided the soft play, which was a miracle but essential due to all the post Christmas germs that were probably lurking there and ended up going home in the torrential rain (again) in the dark. A three and a half hour trip shows that the kids were desperate for a change of scenery and I had a nice time too.