How to keep yourself safe when renovating your property

When it comes to home renovations, it’s important to keep yourself safe to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries. While professional workmen are likely to have all the equipment needed to stay well protected, DIY amateurs often rush into jobs without even carrying out a risk assessment of the job in hand. With this in mind, stay safe by checking out the following tips:

Wear personal protective equipment

Whether you’re sawing wood, hammering nails or installing roof insulation, always wear personal protective equipment such as durable gloves from the likes of Brosch Direct, toe-capped boots or an overall. Hard hats are crucial if there’s a chance you could be hit by objects overhead and don’t forget to put on a pair of goggles if you’re sanding, drilling or carrying out any other risky task as the last thing you want is a bit of wood in your eye.

Opt for non-toxic products

With so many products on the shelves these days, it’s can be hard to know what to buy – but it’s crucial to read the labels and look out for the various hazard symbols and pictograms that’ll tell you more about the dangers of what you’re buying. Many home renovation products including varnish and paint can be corrosive, flammable, explosive or hazardous to the environment, so try to purchase non-toxic products where possible.

Non-toxic decorating materials such as paint stripper are widely available and will not only prevent things like chemical burns and skin irritations but they will reduce the chance of vapour poisoning caused by dangerous solvents evaporating into the air. If your home renovations include a good spring clean, you can even knock up your own chemical-free cleaning products which will help you to keep dust levels down without coming into contact with any nasties.

Read instructions and safety leaflets

While there’s something wonderfully empowering about reaching for an electronic drill or chainsaw, always take great caution when working with such power tools as they can be extremely dangerous. If you’ve not used a tool before (or haven’t used it in a long time), be sure to read all instructions carefully and follow the guidance given. Many tools also need to be packed away and maintained properly in order to keep them safe for use, so don’t skip corners once the job’s complete or you could put yourself at risk the next time you get them out.

Work in pairs

Sometimes, it’s not possible to complete a job alone, so don’t be afraid to recruit more man power. If you need to climb up onto the roof, for instance, you’ll need someone to hold the bottom of your ladder and to stay close by just in case it falls down or you get stuck. Similarly, if you’re busy constructing or renovating furniture, you might need someone else to call out instructions to you so you can concentrate on what you’re doing without having to fumble around with pieces of paper.

Home renovations can be fun, but it is of paramount importance to stay safe no matter what task you’re taking on.