A bit of late January sunshine

Sunday promised wind and rain, so with that in mind, we hopped in the car on Saturday morning and headed off to English Heritage’s Wrest Park for a bit of a walk in the sunshine. We took packed lunches and made sure we were wrapped up warmly but that’s all we really needed. Although there were the usual protests, the kids enjoyed themselves once we were there. That’s the beauty of having 3 kids, when we’re out and about they can play and amuse themselves. Providing they’re not hitting each other of course.


We’ve had a dismal wet winter, following on from a dismal and wet autumn, which,uninspiringly, followed on from a dismal and wet summer. To get a nice day of sunshine and to be able to run about outside without coats on (until the sun went in at least) was lovely and just the tonic we all needed.

What helped us warm up after the day took a turn for the chilly was an enormous homemade lasagne when we got back home. All in all a pretty perfect day really…