Stupid parents act stupidly, don’t get blamed by media because “video games”

Parental responsibility is a great thing but oddly it seems to entirely be put to the side when stupid parents buy 18 certificate games for their underage kids. What sort of moron thinks it’s acceptable to play something like a Grand Theft Auto game in front of primary school aged kids, let alone buy them it for Christmas:

stupid morons

Spot the 18 on the box?

Spot the 18 on the box?

As reported in the Mirror, full moral outrage available on the Daily Mail site but I’m blowed if I’m linking to that. Suffice to say the Mail has lots of lurid details of how you can have sex with prostitutes and then kill them.

If you think 18 certificate games are suitable for kids, have a read of my thoughts on the matter:


As a parent ignorance isn’t an excuse. If you don’t know or understand something your kid wants to do, educate yourself before you let them do it. It’s hardly rocket science is it?