Benq Wit E-Reading Lamp review

For me the name BenQ is more synonymous with computer monitors than lighting but the BenQ Wit E-Reading Lamp isn’t really just any old anglepoise style light. As one of the foremost manufacturers of monitors, BenQ know as well as anybody the problems of eye strain from either too much screen time or too much reading in general and they’ve set about combating this with a new innovative lamp.

BenQ offered us the opportunity to review one of their Wit E-Reading Lamps, and keep it afterwards. I said yes for a number of reasons. Firstly I often spend in excess of 8 hours a day in front of a computer at work and then an additional hour or two in the evening if I’m blogging. I know all about tired eyes and eye strain. Secondly, our eldest who is fast approaching nine, spends a lot of time in front of the computer. A tiny fraction of it relates to homework, more of it relates to Minecraft and videos about people playing Minecraft. If you have a child of a certain age, the name Dan TDM will mean something to you, if you don’t, you’re lucky!

If you want to read more, you can look an the Wit E-Reading Lamp website, if you don’t, you can always watch a video…

That’s the idea but how is it in practice? I’ve had the BenQ Wit E-Reading Lamp set up in front of our family computer for the last week or so in order to give us a chance to all use it and see if it makes any concrete affect on our tired eyes.

Wit E-Reading Lamp

The Wit E-Reading Lamp puts an even light across our 23 inch Lenovo computer

As you can see from the picture above the smiley lamp illuminates the screen more equally than a spot lamp would and much better than our ropey ceiling lights will. Before we get on to how we found the lighting, I think the biggest surprise was how incredibly stylish the lamp is. BenQ haven’t stinted on design and the build quality is astonishing. It’s built like a proverbial tank but not at the expense of style.

It’s not just a basic lamp in terms of turning it off or on though, it also has colour/warmth adjustments and a dimmer, allowing you with minimal fuss to get a suitable light for your viewing:


The lamp also works in the same fashion for reading- either tablets, books or Kindles. Again, it’s the even distribution of light that reduces the stress on your eyes- you can see here how even the keyboard is lit and it’s the same with a book.

So after a week or so of use, has it dramatically reduced my eye strain? It’s difficult to know as I haven’t taken it to work (my desk set up at work isn’t conducive to additional lighting) but at home in the evenings it’s definitely kept my eyes from getting too tired. It’s also improved the lads computer use too, even if it is just Minecraft. He actually uses a coloured film to help him read, and with this in mind I’ve relocated the lamp to his bedroom in place of the bullet  clip on spot light he uses to read in bed to see if it helps. I’ll update this once he’s been using it for a few weeks.

The BenQ Wit E-Reading Lamp is available to buy now and retails for around £159 in a wide variety of colours. It’s a lot for a lamp but at the same time, if it stops your eyes getting as tired, it’s not a lot as it opens up a lot more time for you to do stuff. My eyes don’t feel as tired in the evenings when I’m typing reviews like this, I just wish I could whisk the lamp off to work to do it justice!