Horp! Warning: not for the squeamish!

We managed the winter without anyone getting the sick bug. This is no mean feat in our area, as a lot of parents seem to send their kids to school when they’ve been sick, due to work commitments or in one instance I overheard, a pre-booked skiing lesson. I certainly don’t remember as much puking when I was little as seems to happen now and I know for a fact it’s not down to our personal hygiene because we’re really rigorous about it all.

Still, we’re in meteorological spring now, so bets are off. On Friday night, which the kids designate movie night, the boy began complaining of a tummy ache. I pre-emptively scrubbed the toilet so it was spotless and pointed this out to him- “If you’re gonna spew, spew into this“- he didn’t pick up the Wayne’s World reference sadly but then I suppose at 8, I’d have been surprised if he did.

Sadly ten minutes later he ambled out to the toilet and a few minutes after that a little voice shouted that he’d been sick. In the sink. We have one of those sinks that instead of having a plug, has a lever you push to raise and lower a bung thingy. The kids often remove this for reasons I don’t ever understand and unfortunately at the time of the sink/vomit interaction, it had been removed, thus leaving the LEGO figure rammed down the waste pipe at the only thing stopping half a ton of risotto clogging the waste pipe up.

Of course we didn’t have any proper rubber gloves, just some first aid type latex gloves that my finger nails went through as I attempted to scoop as much of the puke in to the adjacent toilet. When this was done and I couldn’t unblock the waste pipe, I resorted to my trusty sink plunger (RIP my sink plunger by the way). Unfortunately I forgot to cover the overflow before plunging and consequently sprayed myself with a load of cold rancid sick the moment I vigorously plunged the plunger.

I was not a happy bunny.

The LEGO man is still down the plug hole, I’ve not had the urge to fish him out. The downstairs loo is now clean and disinfected.

It’s just me that needs to recover.

Wish me luck…