Boys vs girls: emails

Over the weekend we set up the kids email accounts properly so they had access to a list of friends and family they could email. It’s an important ICT skill that, with some monitoring, should be okay for them to use. Neither has quite sussed out what their actual email address is yet, and since they’re both quite long, it’s unlikely that spammers will target them. In fact, both accounts have existed for two or three years now, and there hasn’t been an instance of spam in their when I’ve checked.

I’ve now been getting emails from both my older two kids since Saturday morning. I’ll try and let you guess which ones are from the boy (8) and which from my daughter (7). It shouldn’t be too hard to guess:

  1. Dad you are a loser and are scared of my farts!!
  2. Dad you stink of poo😜😜😜😃😊😂😅
  3. Poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo😈😹😺🙀
  4. I love you so much! You know what I want to do tomorrow!
  5. I love you so much better than you  I love you so much better than you already are!
  6. I love you so much better than my friends!🍤🍕🍕🍲🍨🍸🍷🍿🍡🍛🍠🍑🧀🌮🍦🍺🍾🍽🍴🍽🍷🍪🍪🍪🍼🍼🍪🍬🍚🍥🍝🍳🍆🍅🍑🍟🍡🍿🍿🍙🍢🍰🍿🍮🍧🏩🏩🏛🏩💒🏩💒🎂🎂🎂🍡🍡🍙🍲🍋🍐🍗🍛🍝🍤🍤🍕🍜🍢🍫🍻🍺🍻🍾🍾🍶☕️☕️🍼 🍹🍬🍨🍲🍕🍯🍍

The first three of course are from my lad, the last three from my girl. I think that is a pretty good insight in to how differently boys develop to girls isn’t it?

And for the record, you’d have to be mad not to be scared of the boys farts, they are LETHAL.