Saving money through lifestyle choices: Green Living in 2016

imageforalexIt’s fair to say that we would all like more money to spend at the end of the each month. It is also safe to assume that we would all like to do our bit to stop climate change and live more environmentally friendly. So saving where possible whilst simultaneously being kind to the environment is surely a win-win situation? This article will go through the basics that are key to achieving both objectives.

  1. Reduce energy consumption and the associated costs

Starting with the most obvious, the reduction of energy consumption offers two key advantages to low-income and conscientious home-owners. Firstly, it reduces your carbon footprint, helping you to play your part in driving environmental awareness. It also leads to considerable cost savings over the course of a typical year, reducing the amount spent on heating, gas and similar amenities. Those with a minimal budget can even look to insulate their homes (if built prior to the 1990’s) and loft spaces to optimise the amount of heat that is retained during the winter. Seemingly obvious but rarely put into practice.

This will lead to cheaper winters and reduce your heating bill considerably!

  1. Install LED Lights in your home

We are now in the fifth generation of LED lighting, as the technology behind this has changed considerably since the 1970’s. While this type of product has always delivered energy and long-term cost savings, for example, previous iterations were an eye-sore and prohibitive to buy and install in the first place. This has now changed, however, to the point where LED lighting is affordable, available in an array of stunning designs and still capable of delivering huge energy and financial savings over the longer-term.

  1. Integrated Smart Technology into your home

On a similar note, smart technology has also become increasingly accessible in recent times, while the development of central, intuitive control hubs has also enabled home-owners to take real-time control of the amenities and security in their home. With most smart technology hubs accessible through an accompanying mobile application, you will have ample opportunity to completely minimise your energy usage remotely regardless of where you are in the world. This will also require a small, initial investment, but your savings will quickly accumulate and all through a desire to make sustainable, Eco-friendly lifestyle changes! Saving £30 a year though will eventually pay for itself.

  1. Use  a Laptop instead of a PC

Quite an obscure one, but over the course of a year a standard laptop will go through 85% LESS electricity than a standard PC. Quite a shocking statistic, the theme applies to all corded vs cordless devices. For instance a cordless vacuum cleaner is much more energy efficient than its standard corded counterpart and electric power tools are more of a sound investment than their corded equivalents as well. It is not advisable to replace what you already own, but if your corded devices are coming to the end of their lifecycle invest in cordless where possible.

  1. Buy an Eco Friendly shower head

Another fairly obscure suggestion, but having the right attachment can save you over £67 per year. Why literally pour money down the drain when you can keep it sealed nicely in your pocket! For more money and energy saving tips around the home and Garden you can view this handy interactive guide. If you follow all the tips you can save well over £1600!