You’d have to be MAD not to (see what I did there?

I’ll not get too carried away with asking you to nominate me in the MADs- I’ve been at this game for 7 years now and the closest I got to winning anything was losing on the night to someone who’d only written half a dozen blog posts and had only been at it for a month or so. It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part. Cough, splutter, etc etc. Actually it’s about the free meal at the awards ceremony, the wine, and waking up in Bedford train station at 2am after you’ve fallen asleep on the train.

However, if you’re looking for something to shove in the Best New Blog catagory, I’d love you to head over to Kids Do Retro and have a look at our 2016 project. Ours, meaning my eldest boy and me- we’re writing a blog together about playing old video games. It’s a father son journey, with competition, comedy moments, and a real appreciation for the past.

It’s something new and a bit different- there is no sponsored content, no product “reviews” and no commentary about what’s going on in the world of blogging, just me and the lad playing old games and having fun.

So if you’re still to fill in your MADS nomination form, give us a shout in the Best New Blog category if you like what we’re doing. If nothing else, it would absolutely make my lads day :)

Kids Do Retro