Review: LEGO Angry Birds King Pig Castle set 75826





So thepig Angry Birds movie is out today- hurrah! and you can read our thoughts on it here– and there are of course a plethora of tie ins relating to it, not least of all an extensive range of LEGO sets, the entirety of which you can see here.

The boy got lucky, and was extraordinarily pleased, as you can see, when those nice chaps at LEGO sent him the King Pig Castle set to review. This is probably one of the first sets we’ve owned that doesn’t have a conventional mini-figure in it, so let’s see how the set went down…

redGiven that the boy built his birthday present, the rather fab LEGO Millennium Falcon, in under five hours, I was interested to see how he approached a set that with 859 pieces, was big but not that big. He enjoyed the build, probably as much as he has with similar styled sets (I’m thinking the DC Jokerland set or the Star Wars Mos Eisley Spaceport- you know, the sort where there are building constructs rather than vehicles etc) but he did find the top bit a little fiddly. This is down to the fact it’s supposed to be rather precarious so you can whack it a target with the catapult and send a piggie flying!


Once the lad had twigged this, he was more than a little chuffed and he has spent some time firing Red and various other mini figures (Batman, Flash, Benny the Spaceman, to name a few) at the Castle and then at other things too. We drew the line at the cat…

The castle itself is very much in the style of both the game and the film, with plenty of intricate little features to make the build more interesting. With an RRP of £74.99, it’s the most expensive set in the Angry Birds movie range (thanks again LEGO!) but it does also have a good collection of mini figures too- 3 pigs, Red and Mighty Eagle.

The addition of Angry Birds mini-figures to the LEGO family is certainly interesting, the kids are using them in general LEGO play in different ways to the other figures- less character based interaction, more focus on ballistics!