Review: Philips PowerPro Aqua Vacuum and Mop

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the PHILIPS FC9920/69 ultimate bagless vacuum cleaner. I think it’ the best vacuum we’ve used, finally suprassing our Karcher yellow peril. Philips also sent us their PowerPro Aqua Vacuum and Mop for testing too. This is a cordless affair, powered by an 18V Lithium battery. It’s a different beast to the FC9920/69, being designed for whipping out for those spills and messes that kids generate all too easily.

Rather than being a cleaner for giving your house a full once over, the AquaPro is designed for trouble shooting- those bits of cleaning that can’t wait.

It works as a conventional cordless vacuum cleaner:

And it also works as an electric mop:

In practice, in a much smaller and more child infested house, I was pleasantly surprised at how the AquaPro worked. We’ve had experience with various cordless vacuums over the years. The AquaPro is less cumbersome than most- the Bissell I reviewed back in November was heavier and didn’t suck as well as this does. The AquaPro comes with the added bonus of it’s clever mop attachment. I’ve given it an outing on our kitchen floor which as per usual is covered in a mixture of split drinks, grass from the garden and grated cheese (don’t judge me, the kids are fully capable of helping themselves to food at any time day or night.

I’ve done a quick Vine to show it in action:

The mopping was a lot more impressive than I thought it was going to be. Rather than just getting the floor a bit wet, the AquaPro properly cleaned the stains and lifted up the water to boot. A nice trick in addition to being a pretty nifty cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Philips AquaPro has a RRP of £260, which for a cleaner with the dual purpose of a vacuum and mop, is good value.