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Whether it’s watching your favourite team on the big screen with your friends, having a romantic night in for two or piling on to the sofa with the whole family to watch your favourite movies, having a comfy sofa to relax on is essential to the home!
My personal favourite #SofaMoment is snuggling up on the sofa after we’ve put the kids to bed and working our way through all 5 seasons of Game of Thrones. I started reading the books in the mid 1990’s when good old George started writing them but didn’t start watching the series when it first came out. We’d just had our littlest at that point, Fifi wasn’t sleeping through the night and the boy didn’t want to go to bed.

watching GoTIt was the perfect storm and consequently we never managed to watch any television. It was only recently we started watching stuff again, binging on Vikings, Daredevil and then Penny Dreadful and Peaky Blinders before we started on Game of Thrones. The nudity is a bit much (I always get a bit embarrassed watching sex scenes with the wife for some reason) but it’s mostly a fairly faithful adaptation of the series and they’ve nailed a few of the characters perfectly- Peter Dinklage is Tyrion, Maisie Williams is perfect as Ayria and that bald fat bloke is great as Varys.

It does help when you’re watching it on a 65 inch Sony telly of course but we get so little time to ourselves without incessant child interference, that it’s nice to be able to watch something bloodthirsty and violent for a change.

But what I want to know is – what’s your favourite memorable #SofaMoment? Let me know your top moment below and my favourite will win £200 of Love2Shop vouchers!

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