Still on the Vuelio Top 10 Dads List

I must admit I wasn’t going to write this post- as a Brit blowing your own trumpet isn’t something that comes naturally (and then only behind closed doors with the curtains drawn. No wait, not that) but since I’ve seen a few of the others on the list do the same, I thought a quick modest nod at my awesomeness was due.

I’m sitting at number 6 in the Vuelio Top Ten Dad Bloggers.

Vuelio (and more specifically the bits of it that used to be Cision) deal in media relations management software and databases. For bloggers like me, they maintain a database of influencers that brands and PR agencies can access in order to run campaigns. Some of the most exciting stuff I’ve done as a blogger has come via Cision/Vuelio, including the Network of Champions.

Top 10 Vuelio BadgeVuelio do some analysis of their database and regularly (every six to 12 months) update their top tens. I’ve now maintained my position on Vuelio’s Top Ten Dad Bloggers list since it’s inception, which is something I’m proud out. My blog pre-dates the list, so to be on it since it begun tells me I’m still as relevant as I always have been (you can read that in two ways of course!)- times change, people come and go, trends, erm, trend, but I’m still there like that awkward uncle that’s hard to shift at Christmas.

So hurrah for that awkward uncle then!