Gant glasses at Specsavers

When Specsavers kindly offered me a free pair of Gant specs from their new range, I did what any self respecting blogger would do and crowd sourced the decision making process on Facebook, picking my five favourite pairs and letting my friends decide which pair I’d end up with:

Gant specs from Specsavers

I had a lot of votes, and also a lot of people complaining that my gurning distracted them from picking their favourites but in the end one pair won through with a clear majority, so those were the frames I chose.

Specsavers have a good range of designer frames, and coupled with a pretty rigorous eye test that saw my optician recommend I get my cholesterol checked out, I was in my element looking at the glasses. Although I’ve worn specs since I was about 14, there is still part of me that doesn’t consider myself a spec wearer, so it always comes as a bit of a shock when I end up choosing a new pair. I usually only do this when the old pair are literally too scratched to see through or my prescription has changed significantly. There are only 2 exceptions to this rule; I had a pair stolen from the communal showers at university and some chap broke them in half with a football to the face when I used to wear them for 5-a-side football. I’ve tried contact lenses but to be honest a combination of working in an over air-conditioned office and co-owning three small children, means my eyes are usually far too tired for contacts, so it’s important that I get a pair of specs I’m happy with.

The Gant pair I went for in the end are rather nice, with funky blue arms, and offset nicely with the Gant top that Specsavers kindly chucked in via a gift card to use in their stores:

Gant glasses

I’ve always like Gant clothing because it’s one of the few premium high street brands that actually fits me- I’m 6ft 4, with a fairly long pair of arms and legs. A lot of brands assume that anything above XL means “fat” and don’t do anything with the sleeves or trouser length. The top I’ve got on above in 3XL, and that seems to be a good size for me in Gant- the shirts fit in terms of sleeve length, without billowing around my puny chest.

The Gant frames come in at £149.99 at Specsavers, and as ever you will need to pay extra for high index lenses (there is a promotion on at the moment if you want to do this, dropping it down from £60 to £40). They are also eligible for all the usual 2 for 1 offers that Specsavers run, so there is no reason you can’t look as utterly cool as I do.