When your kids are way cooler than you

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I think I’ve always known our eldest would be cool. I’m most definitely not cool and have never pretended to be. My younger brother was cool and hung out with some of the cooler kids in his year at school. I remember I used to always have to put up with one lippy kid called Kieron coming up to be and getting really in my face and saying things like, “Alright Ben Walsh’s brother? How are you Ben Walsh’s brother?” with a big smirk on his face. The best I could manage in response to that was a “Ha, good one.” as I turned bright red and slunk off.

Both our lads seem to have an excess of cool. Ned likes to stand in front of the mirror posing, and looking at his essence of 4 years old cool t-shirts he’s made us buy him, and the oldest is similarly fashion conscious- the haircut recently inflicted upon him is still a point of distress almost half a week on!

So what’s my place in all of this then? I need to find a way to not be the embarrassing dad that makes the kids toes curl up in shame every time I so much as appear. My selection of final clearance £4.99 Marvel Superhero t-shirts from Uni-Glo help, as does my general love of Star Wars but long term I’m going to need to work on this some.

Perhaps there is an online course I could take in putting the cool back into Daddacool. Maybe it’s a course I should write, based on a yet to happen life experience. Who knows but the clock is ticking and I need to figure it out before I’m made to wear a sack of shame when I go out with the kids.