Up next, the walls will probably start bleeding


I think we may have inadvertently relocated to the town of Amity, and purchased a certain haunted house. You know that bit in all good haunted house movies where it goes dark at midday? There’s an ominous bit of music playing in the background, and the light gradually dims, and the characters understandably freak out? That sort of happened to us the other day.

We came home the other day to find all the back windows in the house crawling with flies. There were none any where else in the house, just the back windows, facing the garden. As soon as we opened the doors and windows, they all flew out, every single last one of the buggers.

If my memory serves me right, the next thing we can expect is the walls to start bleeding if we’re going to follow the classic haunted house movie plot. Ironically we’ve have our fair share of bodily fluids on the walls before, from a projectile poo from one of the kids on a change station, to a row of bloody hand prints appearing along the wall in the landing around the same time the boy had a nose bleed (nothing mysterious about either of those!).

And rather than being built on an old Indian burial ground, I’m fairly sure our house is built on an Iron Age settlement, with the possibility of maybe a burial but more likely a refuse pit in the front garden. But I’m clutching at straws here because lets face it, the flies are entirely due to the councils maggot farms food recycling bins that sit outside everybody’s homes in the summer heat aren’t they?

Or are they…

We’ve had our fair share of spooky moments, figures seen walking behind the sofa in a reflection on the patio windows, voices talking in empty rooms, kids coming down the stairs when all 3 are asleep in bed, that sort of thing. Perhaps I do need to ensure we have the heavy duty cleaning stuff to hand, just in case those walls do start bleeding…