The boys Fries-day selection!

McCain Crispy French Fries

On ‘Fries-day’ last week, Fifi helped me cook some yummy homemade chicken nuggets to go with our McCain fries. As I said then, cooking is part of the wind down routine we have for the weekend, we live such a hectic life during the week with swimming lessons, drumming, Brownies, guitar lessons and everything else, it’s just nice to start the weekend with a ‘Fries-day’ that is simple and slows things down a bit. Of course once the food has been made and scoffed, things tend to pick up pace a bit as we look to wear everyone out so we can have a bit of lie in on Saturday morning.*


This week it was the boy’s turn to pick what we were having on our McCain fuelled ‘Fries-day’and he didn’t disappoint- it was burger and fries! The boy is a fan of a certain popular fast food outlet when it comes to burger and fries, so the McCain Crispy French Fries are a perfect substitute for you typical restaurant french fries. For burgers we went for some Aberdeen Angus premium burgers but really, the secret is in what you garnish the burger with.

The boy popped the burgers in a couple of minutes before the McCain Crispy French Fries. Both have a very similar cooking time, which makes it really easy but if we put the burgers in first, it means we can put a slice of cheese on the top for the final minute so it melts nicely! We like to go for the whole full on experience, after all if you’ve got proper fries on ‘Fries-day’, it makes sense to make the burger as pukka as possible! We lavish them with sliced gherkin, ketchup, a dollop of American style mustard and a bit of lettuce and tomato. The trick to getting the tomato thin enough is to make sure you sharpen the knife first!


Somehow Fifi still managed to set the table, despite it being her brothers turn to do it. Typical boys eh?


After we’d sat down and scoffed our burger and McCain Crispy French Fries, we got down to the serious business of clearing the table…and the sitting room.


That’s right, we needed plenty of open space because yours truly had invested £6.99 in a disco light bulb!All in our ‘Fries-day’ meal and entertainment  meant we could have all of the fun of a take-away feast in the comfort of our own home and at a fraction of the price!


A quick play of the Disco Disco! Spotify playlist will burn off any extra energy the kids have! It’s epic and has been curated over a period of time to ensure that every track is one the kids can’t help but dance to:

So what are you waiting for then? Time to start the weekend right with your own ‘Fries-day’. You can pick up a 900g bag of McCain Crispy French Fries for £2 from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, £1.97 from Asda and currently on offer at Tesco’s for just £1.50!

* by lie in I of course mean getting woken up by a child jumping on my head at just before 7am rather than just before 6am. We’ve got to be pragmatic here.