Fries-Day with McCain


McCain Crispy French Fries have long been a popular teatime favourite in our house, we spend the time and effort making lovely things to go with them and it’s easy to just bosh the chips into a tray and then the oven. Now that tempers and weather have taken a turn for the miserable (doesn’t the winter make you fed up?), McCain are set on cheering us up by launching their ‘Fries-day’ campaign– all about championing the best teatime of the week, ‘Fries-day’. McCain would like to celebrate the joys of ‘Fries-day’ teatime with the family by giving kids control of the kitchen, to make their absolute favourite ‘Fries-day’ meal. Fifi and the boy are both kitchen experts, so we’re letting each of them loose on the ‘Fries-day’ scoff over the next couple of weeks.

By the time ‘Fries-day’ gets around, we’re all well in the mood for the weekend, so when I had an email in my inbox from McCain telling me about their ‘Fries Day’ campaign and asking me to get directly involved, we all jumped at the chance to take part!

We all have our different ways of celebrating the approach of the weekend, and ours is special to us.

We like to have a slightly later tea time, with a Fries-day night classic like fish and chips or chicken nuggets and fries, followed by a movie. Since nobody has to get up for school or for work on a Saturday  morning, we can take our time and have some fun! Fifi often likes to help cook on a ‘Fries-day’ evening, and her bigger brother on the Saturday. Ned, the littlest, often just likes to get under feet and also eat all the food!

This ‘Fries-day’ went something like this:

3:15pm School finishes. There is much rejoicing.

5:30pm I arrive home. There is much rejoicing.

6:00pm Sophie and I head to the kitchen…

6:40pm we’ve had our dinner and it’s bath time for the kids before we settle down for a nice family movie. This week it’s the new LEGO Scooby-Doo movie (yes, there is such a thing!).

After Scooby-Doo, we pack Ned off to bed and settle down with the older two to watch a kids classic from the 80’s, this week it’s the Goonies!

When it comes to ‘Fries-day’ night dinner, we like to make a special thing out of it. We’re not a great household for having prepared foods or stuff from a jar, so making our own beer battered chicken nuggets are a great compliment for McCain Crispy French Fries, especially when you have a kid “helping”, you definitely want there to be enough “cooking” to satisfy your assistant but not too much so it turns into a chore. It is ‘Fries-day’ after all! Serving them up in a little metal bucket is one step away from hipster cafe burger in a flat cap but it’s still great fun and helps make the food a bit more interesting for the kids. You can pick up a 900g bag of McCain Crispy French Fries for £2 from Waitrose or Tesco, and the bigger 1.4kg bags are on special offer in Tesco at the moment for £2 each.

So come on then, what’s your #Friesday routine then?!