Resolute at the New Year

And breathe. The whole Christmas and New Year period is now over. I’m back at work, but I’m told the official marker for the end of the Festive Period is the Darts Final and since that happened yesterday, things are officially now getting back to normal.

I wrote last week how I’m not a huge fan of Christmas Day, and the same goes for new year really. We were in bed by 10:30, although the intermittent fireworks that seem to be a tradition now (from 11pm to around half one in the morning) woke me up more than once.

The kids have had a great break so far, Ned has turned five, they got all the pressies they wanted, and got to spend some Christmas money on more pointless tat, so they’re all over the moon. I even got to indulge my love of cooking in a pair of awesome thermal slippers. Our kitchen has a tiled floor and, slipperless, I tend to get cramp in the arch of my foot as the tiles are pretty cold, if I spend too long in there. Prior to my new exciting slippers, I had one slipper. Obviously before that I had two as they don’t tend to sell them individually but as to where the other had got to, who knows?

Still, our last day of collective freedom (the kids and wife are off all this week) was marked with a brisk hike around a National Trust Estate yesterday. It was cold and it was also lovely.

What wasn’t lovely was my attempt to get to sleep:


I eventually drifted off some time between three and four am. Typical!

Still, I walked in to work today, took my first client call just before 8am and am back in the swing already. Honest.