The Busy Person’s Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals in 2017

There’s something about the end of the year that inspires people to dream big; making heartfelt, and often quite drastic resolutions to improve their lives. From crash diets to plans for a career change, somehow anything and everything seems possible; yet as winter marches on, and the demands of everyday life take priority, those ambitious dreams fade into the background, along with the turkey and tinsel.

The good news is it’s not too late to turn things around. If you are keen to make some life changes but are not sure where to start, take a look at these useful tips and ideas, which will help you both set and achieve the goals you need for success.

Be Realistic

How often do you hear people talk about how their lives would instantly change for the better if only they could win the lottery or halve their bodyweight overnight? Dreams like this rarely make it any further than idle fantasy simply because they are just too huge to tackle.  

It is almost impossible to make life changes that last without clear goals that break down the process into achievable pieces or stages. It’s hard to imagine a dedicated couch potato suddenly jumping up and running a 5k, but entirely possible if they follow a program with short term goals, designed to achieve and build on stamina and ability.  

Harness the Power of Visual Images

Fight that initial reaction to setting goals by grabbing a pen and making lists, as contemporary evidence suggests plans made using visual images are more likely to come to fruition. If your goal is to grow and makeover your hair style, try creating a mood board with images of the looks you hanker after. By adding pictures of various hair lengths you get the chance to experiment and explore possibilities, along with the inspiration to keep going until you reach the end goal.

Get Help to Set Goals

Many people have a clear general goal for the year ahead, but no concrete ideas on how to break that down into achievable stages. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and giving up, why not make use of online resources to help you with this part of the process?

Take for instance the Ladbroke’s Bingo Card Game. Simple to play – you just need to add your first name and choose the area of life you’d like to focus on, and within seconds you have a personalised bingo card with twelve achievable goals waiting to propel you towards success. Simply print it and place it somewhere you will notice it every day, and then plan to cross at least one bingo square off every month.

Some tasks may be easier than others, but overall they combine to harness the power of small, achievable steps presented in visual form. Make this the year your long held dreams become reality, as you show yourself, friends, family and the entire world if you choose to, just what you are capable of doing and being.