This time of year

Although we had horrible hailstorms the other day, and I’ve woken up to a ground frost outside on more than one occasion this week, I can safely say from a personal perspective I like April/May quite a lot. It’s the profusion of bank holidays that does it for me; two and Easter and two book ending May. Coupled with the clocks going forwards, and more daylight anyway, it really seems that we’ve told winter to sod off and things are getting better.

Even if we don’t go away at the school Easter holidays (this year we did but that’s not a given), the fact we get four four day weeks in a month seems to make everything a lot more manageable. And with the additional light, the kids want to be outside more, which means they’re getting more exercise, are less crotchety with each other, and generally get on better.

So far the kids have been all about the bikes. This year is really the year where we must get Ned cycling. He’s five and both his brother and sisters were stabliser free in their fifth year, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. This might be something to look at over the bank holiday weekend if I can find a park that’s relatively free of dog poo.

And of course we’ve also got the collapsable five a side goal that Ned got for his birthday to try out too.

I’m now beginning to worry about finding my bicycle pump, which is somewhere. I’ll need it to pump up my bike tyres, Ned’s and various footballs. Eek!